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how i can go to the park?


I wanted to follow the guide for Bruto and it says to buy a beer can (for 50) and right after that to buy sleeping pills (for 150) BUT the problem is that in your apartment you can only get 150. What do I do now?

in the Park toilet, there is a wallet on the floor. ;)


how i can go to the park?

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so glad that I heard you are Taiwanese, so if have any question, can I use Mandarin to ask? Hehe!😛

I’ve got too late to notice this game, so how can I do to activate the full version in my iPhone. 

I’ve already ordered the PC version, but I couldn’t find out the activate code on the full version download page, I want to play it on the mobile.


You can join our Discord or email to
Stefan will help you there in Mandarin.
You can tell him what kind of help you need, thanks!:D


people keep mention sponsor database what and where is that


I wonder too


The sponsor database is a page for all those who backed the game on Kickstarter. (They can log onto the page and all their "keys" and game info should be there)

Is the guide only for Android?

Yes :)


Oh, ok.  So is there a plan to release one for Windows?

now it’s support windows. :)


Hey, will the Lite version be updated?
Because currently it has no guide info or clues? Just a list of the guys with their names, which makes it a bit useless.


yep, waiting for this also.. hope ryu get to this matter asap

Guide app lite has guide, click the green guide button on top right. :)

I don't know if maybe I'm not seeing it, but there is no green guide button for me. 


This is not Guide app Lite.

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Hi, I purchased early access at kickstarter, and that should be included 

Digital Guidebook

how do I get the Digital Guidebook? or any of releasing plans of Digital Guidebook?

check your sponsor database and get your guide app key. Then download “hide app Campaign  version” from Dead Dating game page. :)


how to install guide app in windows


I`ve done with a BlueStacks( it`s an android emulator). Just install it, go to the itch website, login and you can download this guide



No manager for installer unknown


Try to approve install unknow apk in your mobile setting.

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how can I find it on itchio? the only thing that shows up for me is the full game and the early access demo. I backed the game in 2021 so I have the key.

edit. why am I getting downvoted lol is just a question


Sponsor version please download here
Dead Dating - Your Gay Summer Horror Bromance by Mr.Ryu ( 

and you need to activate your download key from your sponsor database.

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that link takes me to the demo, I cant find the guide app

edit. Stefan helped me Ryu, all solved :D

hooray! :D

Hi, sorry to bother you, but I have the exact same issue. I have the sponsor key, but don't know how to get the guide app. How did you solve it?

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you need to download it through your sponsor database, the guide is only for phone though

Ohh, it was in the same link as the main game. I got confused 'cause I had to install the main game directly through the app and not through that link. I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

How can I apply for a refund of dead Dating Guide app lite? I found that it is an Android application after I purchased it, but I only have IOS equipment. Thank you! (I can't speak English, so I use a translator)

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You need to connect, I'm sorry about this. :(


whenever I try to install the app, it says there was a problem while parsing the package. Running Android 12 on a google pixel 3 XL

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Android 12 is still adjusting some settings.
I'll release a new version later.
sorry for the inconvenient. :(

all good, i completely understand. Just wanted to let you know in case you were not aware

I just fixed it, please download the newest version. :)