Dubbing version released!

Dead Dating Dubbing version released!

Download game demo for free on https://fymm-game.itch.io/ddp 


📦 Dead Dating (Windows) 0.34 421 MB
Jan 28, 2022
📦 Dead Dating (Android) 0.34 464 MB
Jan 28, 2022
📦 Dead Dating (Mac) 0.34 427 MB
Jan 28, 2022
Dead Dating Public (Demo v.2) 275 MB
Jan 28, 2022
Dead Dating Public (sfw) 280 MB
Jan 28, 2022

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The story is strange while missing some scene. Please make the dlc application channel available again.

It will, please look forward to it. :)

I bought a game yesterday. How can I apply for the key? I need dlc 18+ version.

Is it too late for the DLC 18+ or will it be released again in the future?

it will be released again in the future, please join our discord to follow the newest information. :D

how to unlock the fifth CG of Ekram

? I have tried severe times,help me!o>_<o

Come to join our discord, you will find the answer there. ;)

Chinese phone can't use Google play

to resign in discord, what a pity ! can i get know some clues ?

Or you can get the game guide from guid app lite. :)


Hi I requested the DLC 18+ version a while back (almost a week) and still haven’t got it yet, just was wondering what’s up. Thank you.

Hey, thanks for your support.
Your key has been sent to your email
"wowsomxxxxxx@xxxx.com"  at 6th Fab

Please check your email box and search the sender service@fymmg.com

Thanks! ;)

Oh ok, I just found it, thanks a lot

Hi, game's pretty awsome, great job! Just wanna know where to apply for r18 dlc key, thank you! :)

There is a apply button in the game info. please don’t miss it. :)

It's really difficult that you have to get through all the text to save! I'll be trying to save but I'll have to go through three entire scenes just to save. If you could change that would be so helpful!

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OMG! Please don't post your personal information here!
You must didn't have access to your sponsor database or 
never check your Patreon message box.
We've sent you many emails about how to activate your download.
Please search the sender service@fymmg.com on your email box or your patreon message box.
and you can send me a private message on Patreon.
Please never post your personal information in public.

Hi, I wanna know, if I purchase the application, am I be able to access the games if there are any updates? Or I need to purchase again next time?


all future update and dlc is free. :)

Hi, I already bought the game yesterday and I started to play today. But can I know how can I obtain the dlc key? To play the full version is the dlc key require?

hey, thanks for your support. :)

You can check the game info and there is a apply DLC key button.

You can click it and apply it for free.


HI, Could you tell me how can i found HJevent? i cant find that...

You can join our discord, there are many references guide source you can find. 


You can join our discord, there are many references guide source you can find. 

Hi I just bought the game and sent the request for R18 dlc key but no response yet, could you please help check?


It will be sent out in 48 to 72 hours. :)

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CD key well recieved, btw any chance you could give a hint (and meanwhile avoiding big spoiler) if there is gonna be some follow-up content on the achievement of Frank's big feet;)


i have a question I just recently purchased the game and I would like to know how to get the r18 version?

I just send it out, please check your email box. :)


The project mangers are doing a good job on this game. I'm wondering is this project only going to remain  an updated demo version which keeps ending the same way ?

thank you, the demo version now is dubbing version already. But it wouldn’t add further content.


Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, keep up the excellent job.

Thank you! :)