Android 64 Bit version released and Happy New Year!

Happy new year guys!

Thanks for your support in 2022, I released an Android 64-bit version APK file.

If your Android device always crashes when you play the game, please try to Install the 64-Bit version.

And please don't remove the old version, just Download the new one and install it.

If your device won't crash anymore with the 64-bit version, please let me know. :D

And I wish all of you a wonderful 2023.

Love ya!


📦 Dead Dating (Android 64 Bit) 0.5.0b 616 MB
Jan 01, 2023
Guide App 0.4 (For 2021 Campaigns) 344 MB
Jan 01, 2023
🎁 Guide App 0.4_64Bit (For 2021 Campaigns) 360 MB
Jan 01, 2023

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