Dead Dating official version: Early Access Start!

Hey Guys! Dead Dating official version is now launched!

And here is the updated schedule:

  • 23 Dec - Official version released. (App Store, Google Play is under reviewing)
  • 28 Jan - Realy human voice (HOT!) & Episode 5 Released.
  • 25 Feb - Episode H Part. I released
  • 25 Mar - DLC - Don 
  • 29 Apr -  DLC - Karl
  • 27 May -  DLC Ekram
  • 2022 Q3 - Frank's bonus game
  • 2022 Q4 - Multiple language support

MOREOVER! The price of Early Access is now a 20% discount!!!


📦 Dead Dating (Mac) 0.3.7 440 MB
66 days ago
📦 Dead Dating (Android) 0.37 481 MB
66 days ago
📦 Dead Dating (Windows) 0.37 434 MB
66 days ago

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Hi i paid for the early access a while back but i don't know how to get the current version of the game that is r18

You can send an email to with your user name, Stefan will help you there. :)

how can i downlooad thr R18 version im confused


For previous campaign sponsor, please check your sponsor database to get the DLC key. for new player, R18 will be activate when the development is done, please look forward to it.

So, the game won't start. I've been looking at a black screen with a red box at the bottom for 15 minutes.

You need to launch game via the itch app. :)

I finally read the e-mail! When can we expect another DLC drop? :D

when the game development is done, please look forward to it! :D

I just spent money ona 20 something euro version, i want the erotic version? How doi get this

When the major game development is done. please look forward to it! :)

I'm having trouble when Karl and I go to investigate the boat. After the explosion there is no option to leave the place, so I can't continue with the story.

Version: (Windows) 0.34

Why is it censored? I wanted the +18 version, as in the demo  :_(


You need to apply here for the full and +18 version:

how long does take app for get dcl ?



yes dcl just apply for it 


Hello Ryu, love the game and keep up the good work. However, what is the different between the 24$ version and full version? and Where do i get the early access CD keys?Thank you


You can apply for free after you get the game from :)


Hi.   I keep running into an issue where in the very beginning of the game when the game engine is loading the game resources (full dlc).   It 100% of the time closes the program.  I've cleared the cache and data...I've Uninstaller and reinstalled and nothing works.   Android version.   worried


Could you download the newest version, please?
or you can play the PC version, it's a PC game after all. 


Android 12 installation failure

Yes, I have already arranged to outsource to fix it.


is it just me that the game ended when you wake up to Ekram being killed?

Is it the demo version?


It's the end of EP4, EP5 will be released on Feb. :)