Guide App Lite is ON SALE!

Guide App Lite is ON SALE!

Hello everyone.

As you know there is a Dead Dating Guide App that and it's not available for sale.
(it request a key, and not able to get it now)

My original plan was for players to discuss the guides with each other. so I haven't planned to sell the Guide app.

However, as many players have asked to be able to buy the guide,
but I don't want players to spend too much money on the guide.
So I've adjusted some of the content of the Guide App and released the "Guide App Lite" version for sale. 

It's not just a game guide, I also plan to add some digital Artbook inside.
So if you are lazy to discuss the guide on our Discord, you can try this.

Get Dead Dating - Your Gay Summer Horror Bromance

Buy Now£22.00 GBP or more


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