Dead Dating v0.3.7 is released.

Dead Dating v 0.3.7 is released.

Public version

  • ✩ The public version's Rescue mission will be released soon.
  • ✩ Mobile version added 16:10 screen option. (In the setting menu)

R18 version

  • ✩Add Yuji's rescue mission.
  • ✩Fixed some bugs.

The next update is William's rescue mission!


📦 Dead Dating (Windows) 0.37 434 MB
Mar 13, 2022
📦 Dead Dating (Android) 0.37 481 MB
Mar 13, 2022
📦 Dead Dating (Mac) 0.3.7 440 MB
Mar 13, 2022

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Hi Ryu, my computer system was restalled, and I lost the saves of the game, do I have to get another R18 DLC key to activate the content( already got one and activated the R18 content before restalling system)? or it sticks with my account and I don't have to reactive it.

You need to activate it again with the same account. :D


I paid for the game but The android version still crashes

Make sure your device has over 8GB of free storage space and close all other apps while you play DD. :)

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when would be the R18  Full version of the game will released?

When the game development has been done, please look forward to it. :)

hi can i get the game maybe cause i dont have money i wanna post on my insta acount