Dead Dating v 0.4.4b is released.

Hey guys! Dead Dating v 0.4.4b is released. Come to get your happy ending with Dr.Don!


  • ✩ Don's EP.H Released.
  • ✩ Don's EP H R18 DLC CG event has been updated.
  • ✩ Fixed Don's event bug " The Ghosts from the Past" can now be explored properly before cave exploration.
  • ✩ Fixed Ekram's EP H stuck issue.
  • ✩ Fixed Alex's ghost shadow issue.
  • ✩ R18 DLC version of Alex, Ekram, Don, Frank's Sex event is not yet animated (currently static), but will be updated ASAP.


How to get the R18 DLC key?

After you purchased the game, send an email with your itch username to Stefan will send you a key.


📦 Dead Dating (Windows) 0.4.4b 476 MB
Jul 01, 2022
📦 Dead Dating (Android) 0.4.4b 557 MB
Jul 01, 2022
📦 Dead Dating (Mac) 0.4.4b 488 MB
Jul 01, 2022

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なぜか何回もゲームの購入試しているのですが…一向にゲーム自体のリンクがわかりません   どうなっているのでしょうか?

Sorry, I guess your payment has failed.

because we can't match your username with the payment list.



あと、クレジットカードも対応していないんでしょうか?  銘柄JCBなんですけど…

Dear player

I think your payment is successful now and I already reply you with an email with the DLC key. :)




how can i get perfect ending ? can anyone tell me ... 

Join our Discord! ;)


I am getting a bug where I cannot continue if I save Alex or if he dies.  If I save him,  my character is in a black room, and I can't click on anything.  If he dies, I get brought back to his body hanging there and I can't do anything past that either.  I can see "move" options, but I click them and nothing happens.  

Hmm... Weird, could you try again? I have never met this situation but I will try it again. thanks for letting me know. :)

Yes sir!  I'll try to screenshot and maybe link it if it happens again.  I haven't tried again since last night.  But I'm about to try one more time.

So I was playing the version without R18 DLC.  And then I got the code, and put it in, and when I got back to that part, no bugs present and I could move on. So. I  think its just the regular version that has that bug. 


Weird...I will try it again, Thanks for letting me know. <3


Why does Alex's EP.H always fail, even though our intimacy has exceeded 25 ?

Here is Alex's Perfect ending video guide

You can join our discord and get more guide help from other players' sharing. ;)


thanks ! 


Can i purchase the game on the playstore?

Not yet. maybe next year. and Googleplay version will not able to apply the R18 DLC.


ohh sad


I already purchased the game How do I get R18 content?,我已经购买了游戏如何获得R18内容?


After you purchased the game, send an email with your itch username to Stefan will send you a key.

购买游戏后,将包含您的 itch 用户名的电子邮件发送至 Stefan 将向您发送密钥。 


Thank you