Dead Dating v 0.4.5b is released.

Hey guys! Dead Dating v 0.4.4b is released. Come to get your happy ending with Dr.Don!

▶Dead Dating v 0.4.5b is released. 


  • ✩ Harry's EP.H Part.2 is released.
  • ✩ Two more CGs may be added for Harry's final fight.
  • ✩ Updated a new character art sources index system.
  • ✩ The new character art sources index system has not yet been optimized, so you may encounter character costume mistakes in the game.
  • ✩ R18 DLC version of Alex, Ekram, Don, Frank's Sex event is not yet animated (currently static), but will be updated ASAP.


How to get the R18 DLC key?

After you purchased the game, send an email with your itch username to Stefan will send you a key.


📦 Dead Dating (Windows) 0.4.5b 485 MB
8 days ago
📦 Dead Dating (Android) 0.4.5b 571 MB
8 days ago
📦 Dead Dating (Mac) 0.4.5b 502 MB
8 days ago

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