Dead Dating v 0.4.7 is released.

Hey guys! Dead Dating v 0.4.7 is released. Come to get your happy ending with Karl!

▶Dead Dating v 0.4.7 is released. 


✩ Karl's EP.H has been released.


✩ The R18 DLC version of the Sex event is not yet animated yet (currently static), but will be updated ASAP.

✩ The R18 DLC version is expected to add Harry's Top event and Frank's Bottom event.

How to get the R18 DLC key?

After you purchased the game, send an email with your itch username to Stefan will send you a key.


📦 Dead Dating (Android) 0.4.7b 583 MB
64 days ago
📦 Dead Dating (Windows) 0.4.7b 503 MB
64 days ago
📦 Dead Dating (Mac) 0.4.7b 511 MB
64 days ago

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There is an actual problem with this version. At the end at the horrible adventure, Karl will refuse the proposal of perfect ending even though you do all the things right. 


I'm sure you did something wrong. ;)

You can join our discord, there are many game guides that could help you. :)

Did this mean the Harry Top/Frank bottom event are here now? I didn't know they were coming, so that's awesome!

Yes, they will be added in the future. :)


When do you beleive the game will be finished? I dont mean any ill intent.


I hope it will be Xmas!! :D


hey i emailed u guys

You should already receive your key, please check your email. :)