Dead Dating v 0.5.1(Win) is Released!

▶Dead Dating v0.5.1 (Windows) is released! 

New features-------------------------- 

✩ Players now can hide the dialogue UI during chatting. (Only in Manual mode)

✩ Players now can easily take screenshots by clicking the camera button. (PC only)

✩ Players now can change the font size on the setting menu.

Change -------------------------- 

✩ Dialogue UI style change.

✩ Some UI style changes.

✩ PC versions do not need a key to activate R18 DLC anymore, players can activate it on the DLC page directly. therefore, the game page becomes NSFW as well. Mobile versions still need to apply for the R18 DLC key at the moment。

Bug fixed -------------------------- 

✩ Fixed Bruto Resuce HJ issue.

✩ Fixed character outfit crazy issue.

✩ Fixed some bugs and optimized the game structure to improve game performance. 


Mac and Mobile versions will be released tmr.


✩ R18 DLC version of Sex event is not yet animated (currently static), but will be updated ASAP.

✩ The R18 DLC version is expected to add Harry's Top event and Frank's Bottom event.

Dead Dating v0.5.1 (Windows) is released!


📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.1 | Windows (nsfw) 630 MB
May 15, 2023

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If I buy the game now, do I get all future updates for free or do I need to repurchase the game each time a new update is released?

This gam is only one payment, so you will get all further updates and DLCs for free. :)

Awesome! I'll definitely be buying it soon. Thanks for the reply! :D


Hello, I have bought the game but I do not know how to start? What button to press? Thank you

All I have is this pink box but nothing happen when I click on it? Thank

dear, You need yo launch the game vis itch app. :)

Install it and you will find D.D. in your library. :D