Dead Dating v0.5.1 Mobile version released!

▶Dead Dating v0.5.1 (Android & iOS) is released! 

New features-------------------------- 

✩ Players now can hide the dialogue UI during chatting. (Only in Manual mode)

✩ Players now can choose the screen rate in the beginning and in the setting later.

✩ Players now can turn off the screen effect.

Change -------------------------- 

✩ Dialogue UI style change.

✩ Some UI style changes.

✩ Mobile versions need to apply for the R18 DLC key at the moment.

✩ The iOS version number is v0.3.2(51)

✩ The iOS version needs to install via Test flight and it needs the R18 DLC key to activate the game

Performance Optimisation -------------------------- 

✩ The iOS and Android SDKs have been upgraded to the latest version, 

✩ the game structure has been optimised, and art resources for iOS have been scaled down and optimised to meet the best requirements of iOS.

✩ the game is tested on our mobile devices  "iPhone8Plus (iOS 16.1), iPhone 13 (iOS 15.1), and Realme 8 (Android 12)" and it works very well. But, if the game crash on your devices. please follow the under step. it might help:

1. Close all background apps.
2. Connecting the power cable.
3. Trun off the Screen effect in the game. ( Logo scene > Setting)

Hope everyone could have a good time in Dead Dating, Cheers!


📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.1 | Android (nsfw-key) 660 MB
May 17, 2023

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Hey. I just paid for this game on mobile android, and it keeps crashing and won't allow me to play the game

Dear player,
Could you try below tips:
1. plug in the power cable.
2. Close all background apps.
3. make sure you have at least 4 GB of empty storage left. 
if it still crashes after you have done all these please let us know.

Hey. It still crashes. :(

May I know what your Mobile phone model is?

Samsung Galaxy A21

I also tried playing it on IPhone 12, but not sure it is compatible due to it refusing to download.

the game is work well on iPhone 8 plus, you can download the ios version via "iOS test flight" app:
「Dead Dating」 TestFlight - Apple


我当初在啧啧购买了完全版 ,现在我要在哪里下载最新的安卓版游戏包?

The same page

Just login and download the APK file. ;)



Got it! thanks for your report, I will fix it in the next update! ;)


Hey can you tell me how to get an access key again for the adult version? I keep clicking on "claim download key" but it keeps telling me there's no available keys at this time

You just need to send an email to with your itch username, then we will send you a key. ;)


ok thank you so much!! I'll do that when I wake up tomorrow 🥰