Dead Dating v 0.5.2 is released. Japanese and Spanish support.

Hey guys! Dead Dating 0.5.2 is released.

now D.D. is supporting Japanese and Spanish.

I'm Doing a new FREE DLC about Alex, it should be released this month, please look forward to it.

Why I didn't do Karl and Don's DLC first?

Because I still need to find some inspiration...

Anyway, please look forward to further updates!!

also, the Summer sale discount will be finished in 3 days, don't miss this chance to get Dead Dating. <3 Summer Sale by Mr.Ryu -

Love ya!


📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.2 | Windows (nsfw) 643 MB
99 days ago
📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.2b | Android (nsfw-key) 666 MB
93 days ago
📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.2 | Mac (nsfw) 664 MB
87 days ago

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I bought the game and I have to say that it is very well done, but my question is there are no sex scenes? in the main menu I see that I have the public version but in the forums I saw that there is the r18 version how can I get it? I have android version

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Dear Edrail,
We just send you an R18 Key, please check your email, and many thanks for your support! :D


hey i just bought the game but it only shows me a black screen after loading. however the demo wokrs fine. help pls


Hey, you need to launch the game via the itch app,
You can download it here: itch app


Are there any sex scenes other than the intro?


Or any  with Karl

Yes, all characters have H scenes. don't worry. ;)

how do I unlock them? Thanks for the attentiveness as well. This makes me wanna spend every penny on this amazing game lol.

You can visit our Discord, there are many game information and tips there. ;)


Does that mean that the Spanish translations were corrected?

We have no idea actually... lol
because we can't read Spanish so we are not sure, please let us know the translation quality. thanks! :D


Of course, I love your work and I think I am fully entitled to tell you what things are not right to be corrected as the rest of the community has done. I'm a Spanish speaker and the translations aren't so good because they're literal and there are also some things in the game that aren't translated. I understand that you did the translations with chatGPT and I am aware that Ai can help you with many things, but I don't think they're the most reliable when it comes to translating as online translators are not either. And this is my opinion, I do not know what the rest of the community thinks, but when you change the language the title changes to the language in question and I think it looks confusing and it does not look so good. The title looks beautiful in English. It's probably just a matter of taste.

I see, maybe I should keep the logo Dead Dating but put translate words next to the title. :)