Dead Dating v 0.5.3 is released. Alex's DLC. (Free)

Hey guys! Dead Dating 0.5.3 is released.

Now you will know the story of  Alex's past.

In this DLC I use a different Art style, this style is only for the D.D. IF series.
The next DLC is Karl, it will be the same art style as the main game. 
Please look forward to it! :D

Love ya!


📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.3 | Windows (nsfw) 664 MB
54 days ago
📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.3 | Android (nsfw-key) 758 MB
54 days ago
📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.3 | Mac (nsfw) 705 MB
54 days ago
🌈Dead Dating R18 Demo | Mac (nsfw) 364 MB
54 days ago

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I played the DLC, and now im in love with the Coach.. (sorry professor...) hopefully we can see new DLC with the coach in future.

But Coach is straight... :p


If you want to , anything is possible....xD


what is the shortcut key to skip dialogue? feeling tired click on the skip button. pls make spacebar to skip

Dear, go setting and switch to the auto mode.


I really like the new art style. Mr. Ryu, thank you so much for continuing to update the game. It's making a good thing even better! :)

Quick question about Alex's DLC - is the first CG connected to doing Alex's story arc in the main game? That's the only one that wasn't unlocked. I haven't done Alex's story yet so I was thinking that's why I don't have it yet. 

Thank you so much!

Dear, please visit our Discord to ask for the game guide. because here can't do the spoil mark. <3


Will do. Thank you!


Hi, I found this game at BOOTH and played demo version.

I really loved your game so I bought full version, but it doesn't start properly.

Nothing moves from this screen...

If you know how to solve this, please let me know.

Sorry for my poor English.  Thank you.


Hey Oikaoika,
You just need to launch the game via the itch app. (Just like Steam)
You can download it here: Download itch app
Many thanks for your support! :D


Thank you very much!!

I was able to start the game!


Yay! <3


I love this art style too

Thank you! <3


How do I download the DLC on android it won't let me! I've actually bought the game

Download the new version apk on the game page via your mobile phone.
(You need to login) sometimes you can try different mobile browsers. :)


Thank you for that dlc. 

I really like Alex, first one i try to get a happy ending with in DD. 

Also that artstyle really look great and i  look forward to other games that will use it.

Call me greedy but would have been great if you would have put a nude cg of heavyweight Alex.

Thank you! I'm glad you like Alex. :D

The heavyweight Alex = Main game version... :p


This game is time to buy and play...

When there is a new DLC again, then.. do you have to come back and buy it again or will you update it yourself from the time we bought the latest game??

If not, does that mean you have to buy it multiple times?

I want to play it but I'm hesitant now because I used to put it on steam before I removed it...

So I don't know if this game still works like this

Please reply. Thank you.

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Hey, Dead Dating is a one-time payment game, so all DLCs and updates are free. so don't worry. :D

and all DLCs are automatically updated via the itch app. 

Unfortunately, Dead Dating is not able to be published on Steam, so is the only platform to get Dead Dating. :)


Oh thank you

I was wondering if this game disappeared at first in steamg so thought it was discontinued.

Then I accidentally searched for another game and found it on twitter for fun in the yaoi category...

Someone mentioned this game, so try to click to see what people have posted and found yours again.

Follow the work and prepare to buy your game again after not playing it.

Thank you for answering again.

You're welcome! :D


I've tried to buy and play.

The price is not expensive after trying to deduct the fee according to my country..

At first I thought it would be expensive but it was so cheap that I was shocked.

Follow the work and wait for new games in the future.

Heh heh, Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy the D.D. world ! <3