Dead Dating v 0.5.4 is released. Revew-Player Avatar

Hey guys! Dead Dating 0.5.4 is released.

The player's Avatar renew and added more items!

I know I should do this earlier. but now he is finally renewed. :p

Love ya!


📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.4 | Windows (nsfw) 665 MB
48 days ago
📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.4 | Android (nsfw-key) 759 MB
47 days ago
📦 Dead Dating R18 0.5.4 | Mac (nsfw) 707 MB
47 days ago
🌈Dead Dating R18 Demo | Windows (nsfw) 345 MB
47 days ago
🌈Dead Dating R18 Demo | Android (nsfw) 418 MB
47 days ago
🌈Dead Dating R18 Demo | Mac (nsfw) 365 MB
47 days ago

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Where can I find the walkthroug?

Please visit our Discord, you will find a lot of game guides there. :D


Hello Mr.Ryu. I tried the demo on my iphone 10 and it won’t fail to crash. It crashes every time text ends and the background opens, so when you are able to traverse r between the rooms and click on items. I tried all the recommended fixes but it crashes every time.

Hey Teastyy,

I'm not sure why it crash on your device, we tested it on iPhone 8 and iPhone 13, and it worked well and never crash.

You can try to close all background apps and plug in the power cable and make sure you have 4-8 GB empty storage.

Hope it could help. :)


Hey Mr.Ryu. There is a bug with this hairstyle, when I choose it choose me the other.

Thanks for the feedback, I will fix it and update it in the next version.
This hairstyle works in your closet, you can change it in your room at the moment. :) 


Oh, I see. Thank you so much for your hard work.🥰